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We welcome your abstract submission at the 10th ILS2017 conference.

Poster and Oral Information

Length : 12 mins for presenting (speaker cut off at 14min, strictly imposed) & 2 mins for question.

ILS Conference projectors can display both Standard and Wide presentations.

Computer will be Windows with Office PowerPoint 2016 for displaying your presentation.


You will be allocated a place and time to hang your posters , Drawing pins and Velcro spots for poster will be available.

There will be two poster series:
1. Tue morning 8.30 to Thu midday 12.30 for sessions 1-4
2. Thu midday 12.30 to Fri afternoon 17.00 for sessions 5-7

Poster size maximum A0 portrait ( 841 x 1189 mm 33.1 x 46.8 in)

Posters can be printed at Massey University. Please contact us using the 'contact us' form.

You will need to provide
• Poster (PDF)
• Describe of the general poster details : Size , colour, matt/gloss finish , material etc. you require.
• Contact phone number and email

Price is dependent on what options are chosen for the poster , you will be given a quote for the cost first.
Payment will be by Credit Card.

Posters are to be collected from the ILS reception area .


General Information

Submission Deadline: Abstracts can be submitted until Friday 11th of August 2017, 5pm NZ-time.  Please note the extension until Friday 18th August.  There will be no further extensions.

  • Abstract Notification: Authors will be notified via email of abstract status by Friday 29 Sep 2017. Please make sure your email address is correct and up-to-date.
  • Abstracts are accepted for either oral or poster presentations. Authors are permitted to submit more than one abstract if they wish.
  • All abstract files must be renamed to read as follows: Surname & initial; e.g. 'Smith_J_1.docx'
  • All abstracts must be submitted using the template provided below.
  • Outstanding oral or poster presentations submitted by students will be awarded. Please indicate whether you are an enrolled student when your are registering online.
  • Please note that if the total number of oral abstract submissions exceed what our programme will allow, you may be asked to present as a poster instead. Please indicate at the bottom of your abstract submission if this is something that you would consider.
  • The three best conference posters will be awarded.
  • English is the language of the conference
  • Master/PhD thesis contents are welcome but papers that were already presented at another conference are not eligible again.

Abstracts are invited for the following session topics:

• One Health: the ecology of leptospirosis with a focus on pathogen transmission from animals to humans and the role of the environment.
• Extension and community work, disease control and outbreak response: community work and extension activities for controlling endemic leptospirosis and responding to disease outbreaks at the coal-face
• Immunopathology and vaccines: new research about immune markers, metabolomics and immunopathology.
• Clinical disease and diagnosis in humans: new aspects of symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and chronic leptospirosis.
• Leptospirosis and diagnostics in animals: prevalence or incidence of disease, exposure and shedding, association with production effects, efficacy and cost-benefits of disease control.
• Economics and population health: methodology and examples of estimating population impacts of zoonotic diseases.
• Molecular typing and genomics: new research about phylogenetics, typology, genes and markers.

Please note the following dates:

Abstracts Open Monday          6th Febuary 2017
Abstracts Close Friday           11th August 2017
Abstract feedback Friday       29th September 2017
Programme finalised Friday   27th October 2017

Use the button below to download the abstract template

Please use the bottom right link to submit your abstract


  • ILS2017 Conference Abstract Submissions

    Opens: 6/02/2017 08:00 AM

    Closes: 19/08/2017 05:00 PM