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Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Professor Ben Adler

Monash University
Professor Ben Adler completed a BSc in microbiology and biochemistry at Monash University. Then... More

Doctor Colleen Lau

Dr Colleen Lau is a clinician with special interest in travel medicine and tropical medicine.... More

Renee Galloway

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Renee Galloway earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the University of... More

Dr Mathieu Picardeau

Dr Mathieu Picardeau is Head of the Laboratory of Spirochetes, Dpt. Microbiology at the... More

Kathryn Alan

University of Glasgow
Despite recent advances in disease control, many of zoonotic infections remain relatively... More

Professor Michael Baker

University of Otago
Professor Michael Baker is public health physician and professor of public health at the... More

Jackie Benschop

Massey University - Institute of Vet, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Jackie is a veterinary epidemiologist co-directing an inter-disciplinary research group which... More

Dr Julie Collins Emerson

Massey University
Julie’s involvement in leptospirosis research began 25 years ago as a post-doc. in the... More